What People Are Saying

“My dad really needs to come here; he’s not that good.”
Sarah, 6, Piscataway, NJ.

This was a completely genuine comment from Sara, delivered aloud without any prompting as she set up her workstation on 5.18.16. The opinion expressed is strictly that of the speaker, and does not reflect those of the AAHP!

“Mommy. Ana calls all of us Artist, and not by our names, because she is doing kriya-Shakti because she knows we’re all great artists.”
Elina, 6, North Brunswick, NJ.

This was an unprompted comment from little daughter to Mother on the way to studio, as reported by her mother on 5.18.16.

“I just wanted to send this email to express how much Valentina loves attending your academy. I look forward to every Monday just to see what she brings home! I am speechless every time! The work is amazing and thank you for guiding her!!!! She loves showing off her art to friends and family and its nothing but positive reactions!”
Johanna S.-M., for Valentina M., Age: 8

“I think the glow-in-the-dark was really cool and fun because I got to work with a different medium I haven’t experienced before. It was also a nice challenge because time is very crucial when using this medium. And that’s why I thought this was a fun challenge to do. Thank you for teaching us!”
Shreni Sheth, Age: 12

Thanks for helping me in art classes. Yes, I know it is your job, it is just that you are really, really good at it.
Caitlyn K.

Presented to Ana as a painted, home-made card on her third class in studio

I have been attending the Academy of Art for 4 years as a student, and have been a coach for 4 months now. I could not be happier in my classes as I am surrounded with friendly faces, and amazing inspiration. My fellow coaches are some of the nicest yet fun people I have met, and I am always learning something new. Over the course of 4 years, my skills in this craft of art have developed tremendously, and my passion for art only grows stronger. It is an amazing experience being able to express myself every week with other, craft-loving artists.
Tommy V.

Dear Ana & the AAHP & all of its fabulous students… Thank you for opening my eyes in so many ways to the beauty of art and for helping me along my journey as an artist.
Lynda W.

It is a great news that Academy of Art of Highland Park is hosting such an incredible Exhibition Program, I am extremely happy and would like to congratulate you and your staff for putting in all the hard work and thinking about our Special Needs artists. You have already done so much for them, for which I am highly indebted to you, your generosity, love, passion and compassion is greatly appreciated. It is a great platform for our Special Needs artists to rise and showcase their work. Thanks so much. I approve of what great work you are doing. If I can be of any help to you, kindly let me know.
Sunita A.
Lightly corrected for clarity.

I’ve been at AAHP for less then a year. Before AAHP, I used to be pretty bad at scetching (sic). In AAHP, I’ve been learning good techniques and have become a lot better at drawing. Thank you Ana and others for helping me!
Maya K.

My daughter really enjoyed the art classes and looked forward to going to the class each week. The teachers demonstrated how to achieve the various works of art, using many different techniques and materials, with impressive results. My daughter came home with her art work, proud of what she had created.
Marina L.

I love art so much. I love you as one of our instructors.
Sam R.

Thanks for all the encouragement!
Charlotte W.

You’ve touched the lives of many, including myself. You will always have a special place in my heart.
Ben H.


Thank you for teaching me in this art class. I’ve learned a lot in the last year!

Allissa C.

“You graciously opened up your studio to me a few years ago and it has quickly become one of my homes. Thank you for seeing whatever it is you did in me to make me part of the working staff at AAHP and for supporting me on this journey for all of these years. My artwork and I would not be where it is today without your expertise and wisdom… I cannot wait for the rest of this upcoming year at the studio. Cheers!”

Maya, from a handwritten card, received October 2017

“Also, thank[s] for all you’ve ever done for me — my experience at your studio has been incomparable and will carry with me for the rest of my life”

Lauren Z, excerpt from a handwritten card, received October 2017