Teen Job Application Process

Phase 1

  1. Ensure that your parent/s read this entire section on employment at the AAHP.
  2. Read the General Profile for Teen Employment at the Academy of Art of Highland Park, and sign the acknowledgement form.
  3. With your parent as a co-signee, send the AAHP an email to art14@artacademynj.com, announcing your interest in the specific job position of interest.
  4. Promptly read the texts, emails and other updates we may be posting about the job vacancy in question.
  5. If you are age 14 or 15, you need to provide the AAHP with “working papers”, that is, an employment certificate, formally known in our state as the NJ Department of Education A300 Combined Certification Form.Obtain said form from your school. Please ask your Counselor or Principal’s Office for these state government-issued papers. Sections must be completed by the student’s parent, the school’s principal/other officers, a doctor, and we, the employer.After all parties have completed the form, please return it for processing at your school; the school will then give you the copy that must be returned to the AAHP for our files as employer.

Phase 2

If you are offered a job at the AAHP, then enter Phase 2 as follows:

  1. Please call the AAHP office to receive your hard-copy Employment Packet.
  2. Return the forms included in the Employment Packet to the AAHP. This must be done in person, as you must show us documentation such as your US Passport, or your Social Security card, etc. Then, submit your initial AAHP Staff Registration Form.
  3. Request the secret access code to the online AAHP Employee Manual. Read the entire manual and sign and submit all requested forms.
  4. Fill out the Employee Manual Usage Form to confirm you are able to access the online Employee Manual.
  5. Arrange with us to receive your start date, hours of work, etc.
  6. Attend all mandatory safety training meetings.
  7. Get your free AAHP T-shirt!

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