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A Message from the Director

My name is Ana Eloisa Soto-Canino. As artist, founder, and Director, it is my pleasure to welcome you, and your family, to the Academy of Art of Highland Park (AAHP)!

Our staff and outstanding community of creatives also thrill in welcoming you and your family.

We are ready to help you enhance your own learning experiences, and to expand your creations in the plastic arts—including the visual arts, design, and other modes of construction!

But most of all, we are here to help you explore the joys of art as a practice—a gorgeous and transformative practice. And we’ll do so by exploring and sharing the deep craft knowledge we have received from the great masters of all times.

See you soon at the painting wall!


Ana Eloisa Soto-Canino
Director/Chief Instructor/Chief Safety Officer