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Letter from the Director

A warm welcome to you! This is Ana, Director and Chief Instructor of the AAHP. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the studio as apprentice and fellow artist, whether you’re new to studio and field practice, or an experienced practitioner seeking to expand your range and get back into a good work rhythm. You and your practice are the only reason the studio exists as a space for deep craft practice and high creative thought and action. Let’s make it happen. See you at the workbench soon! Meanwhile, explore the lineage of remarkable teachers who influence the studio practice you’ll experience with us by clicking on Master Teachers.

You’ve just joined a long tradition of practitioners dedicated to creative action and exploration, both in studio and in the field. It is a tradition that arose in Italy some 600 years ago, but which has not ceased to inform all sorts of creative practices around the world.

The AAHP is proud to serve practitioners from over 27 communities across five different counties, with members from all walks of life. Our alumni include the likes of grammar-, middle- and high school students, college and graduate students, law officers, engineers, oncologists, physicists, military veterans, lawyers, accountants, office workers, chefs, psychologists, and now you! We are happy to welcome you into the AAHP family, and to enter deep studio practice with you.

We don’t believe in talent here. Even the old masters worked hard in studio to make the discoveries and develop the inventions that made them famous. It comes down to sweaty, determined, learning of the strong craft practice of the artist, including proper tooling, techniques and vocabularies.

Because we focus on the strong craft practice of the artist, we will teach you to engage in what is called “plastic process”; the procedural, yet non-linear, creative action that is needed to construct a dynamic image on a flat, static surface like paper or canvas, or a 3D piece. We will do this using drills and challenges across syllabi that include multiple levels of advancement, and explore over 30 different media. While many of our students stay with us for years, there is no end to what discoveries can be made through this timeless practice.

We hope you are just as excited as we are to go on this journey with you.

Ana Eloisa Soto-Canino
Director/Chief Instructor/Chief Safety Officer