Oil Painting Materials

Estimated retail cost without shipping: $150.00 — $200.00


Oils are the slooowest medium we practice at the Academy. We cannot due much in one hour. Students must subscribe for a weekly class of at least 1.5 hr. Please consider that a two-hour class is best. Meanwhile, this is the one course where it pays you to pay the Academy for supplies ($90 for a 1.5 class, or $120 for two hour class across eight weeks) for in-house practice, and including all paints, brushes and gear. That’s because said amounts will not buy you much, as far as oil materials go. However, if you do wish to purchase basic gear to get you started painting with oils (not including easels, solvents, or brushes), you may use the list below. Our list does not include brushes. Please read our recommendations for brushes here.


  • One large palette, with our without thumb hole or lid. Approximately 15 x 12 inc. It may be made of wood, plastic or the disposable palette paper, but it must be finished in white, or at least be transparent ,so that we can help you tape a white piece of paper on its underside. This will speed up your learning of color theory.


  • Four to six canvases, either board or stretch canvas. Smallest size can be 9x 12in, but not smaller. Please do not purchase canvas larger than 11x15in.


  • One small jar of linseed oil, refined or regular.
  • One box of vine charcoal, grade soft
  • A small chamois rag
  • At least one palette knife, stainless steel or plastic, but with a goose-neck, to keep your knuckles off the paints.


  • Please opt to afford semi-professional, rather than student grade, paints, no matter what brand you prefer. Suggested brands include Winsor and Newton, Grumbacher, and yes, Bob Ross; though we do not subscribe to the painting practices taught on TV by the late Mr. Ross, we sure do like his line of fine artist’s materials. Please purchase one tube of the following colors: Zinc White, Yellow Ochre, Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue, Lampblack, and Cadmium red Light.


  • Purchase absolutely none. Nor do we recommend their use. The AAHP does not use chemical solvents to clean oil brushes and other gear; we rely on good ol ’bars of Ivory soap. Sure, it takes a little longer, but it is much, much safer than using solvents. Any minor painting with oils at the Academy must use latex gloves or other hand protection. Younger and older adults wishing to not use gloves do so under their own reconnaissance. We offer you free, unlimited use of our disposable latex gloves. If you are allergic to latex, please alert us and bring to studio your own disposable glove option. Thank You.


  • Please do not buy oil brushes. Wait until we teach you how to purchase the proper brushes. If you wish to have more information at this time, please click here.

warning We cannot store your materials and gear in-house. If you choose to purchase your own sets, please bring the to class, and take them back home with you each time.

warning All students carry the same materials, please label yours! Check our Lost-n-Found bin regularly. Thank You!