Acrylics Materials

Estimated retail cost without shipping: $140.00


  • 3 to 5 primed canvas boards, approx. 9in x 10in. Not smaller but to no bigger than 10in x 16in each. Stretch canvas (wrapped around a wooden frame) is fine too. Compare prices, as stretch canvas tends to cost more.


  • One large plastic WHITE palette, approx. 12in x 15in with or without lid. Please DO NOT purchase a watercolor palette with wells — your acrylics palette should not have wells; it should be a flat surface like that of oil painting palettes. A cheaper alternative: a stack of plastic or foam plates, each labeled with your name. You will be responsible for cleaning them and storing them at home.


  • One tube of each of the following colors (size depends on your budget): alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow, zinc white, cobalt blue, any black (Ivory or Lampblack or Mars Blacks). The cheapest brand is Liquitex “Value Series” Student Grade BASICS Acrylic Color. The better brands include Winsor and Newton’s Finity Series, as well as Pebeo’s Extra Fine Acrylics, or Maimeri Polycolor Fine Acrylic Colors. Liquitex “Value Series” is cheap but low student grade: avoid it if you can afford to do so.


  • Please do not buy acrylic brushes. Wait until we teach you how to purchase the proper brushes. For more information about brushes, please click here.

warning Included materials are for in-house use only, and cannot be taken home.

warning We cannot store your materials and gear in-house. If you choose to purchase your own sets, please bring the to class, and take them back home with you each time.

warning All students carry the same materials, please label yours! Check our Lost-n-Found bin regularly. Thank You!