Skin & Bones Studio

Live Figure & Skeletal Anatomy Studio

Due to staff medical emergency we are unable to hold S&B Studio at this time. Please check back for reopening dates. Thank you!

Welcome to Skin & Bone Studio (S&B Studio) for Live Figure and Bone Anatomy Studies, a workshop offering beginners to well-seasoned artists an opportunity to strengthen and explore figure drawing.

For more than 2000 years, the arts of the West have idealized the human body as the most beautiful and expressive form in space. Join us at the easel to observe, interpret, and portray the human body in repose and action. Enjoy standing and seating opportunities at the easel, where you will have access to partially nude figure poses (our models wear leotards). You can also portray bone anatomy by observing our medical-grade life-size human skeleton, as well as smaller animal carvings.

Who: Ages 14 +, total beginners to experienced artists

What: Figure drawing classes with live model(s) and all drawing materials included

Where: AAHP, 727 Raritan Ave., Highland Park, NJ 08904

When: Fridays, doors open at 7:45 pm for set up. Model begins posing at 8:00 pm

Type Class Duration Materials Included Current Rates Savings
Single Class (up to three) 2 Hours yes $45.00
Bundle of Four Classes 2 Hours yes $40.00 $20.00
Discounted Group Rates Available!

Email S&B Studio at or call (732) 777-2085

Class Registration Policy

Student/Student Representative buys a bundle of 4 classes or 1-3 classes independent of set Friday evening dates. Student/Student Representative gets to select their own preferred workshop dates as follows; all Student/Student Representatives will receive a text message when registration for the upcoming week’s class is opened. Easel space fills on first come first serve basis, meaning Students will be registered once their text has been received and confirmed by S&B Studio. Student/Student Representatives that purchase a four class bundle will have an advance period for reserving easel time ahead of other reservations, before the class opens to 1-3 class Student/Student Representatives. All class purchases and student information registration must be made in advance through the Registration form. No drop-ins at S&B Studio will be accepted. Classes are non-transferable. No refunds for S&B Studio classes. Unused class payments will transfer as credits for studio classes at the AAHP.

To Register

Please fill out our registration form to purchase easel time.

Model and Pose Schedule

Each week will feature a different theme for our live models.

  • 10/4 – The Carpenter (action poses) – CLASS CANCELLED. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCOVENIENCE.
Learning Opportunities

During any S&B Studio hour, you can choose any of the following opportunities for learning at no additional charge. You select your options during studio. Please note that the modeling and posing remains the same for all learning experiences, and as scheduled for any given Friday; what changes is your approach at the easel, with or without instruction. Options listed below.

  • Work with an instructor and syllabus: your instructor will help you develop and refine the foundational skills and sensibilities that drive observation, interpretation and portrayal. This is an open-ended, structured and progressive skills-building program. This option is available to you for one or both hours, as you will, on any given class evening.
  • Light instruction: your instructor will address the issues of the moment that you point out at the easel, but this instruction will not be based on the structured or progressive development of skills and sensibilities. This option is available to you for one or both hours, as you will, on any given class evening.
  • Work alone: studio staff will offer the safety, security, comfort and gear that all practitioners need to work well in class, but will not intervene instructionally with your process or outcomes. This option is available to you for one or both hours, as you will, on any given class evening.

Come work among peers from all walks of life in an educational and highly supportive environment. Register at any time.

How to Reserve Easel Time (once classes have been purchased): Two Easy Steps

This course is open to students 14 years and over.

1. A week prior to any Friday’s live figure workshop, a text message will be sent to the cell phone number you provided on the S&B Studio Registration Form for texting service. This is your invitation to reserve easel time for that upcoming week.

Reservations for the upcoming Friday Class open as follows

  • If you purchased a bundle of 4 classes, you will receive a text message on the preceding Monday at 9 am. As an additional bonus for purchasing a bundle, you have an advance period for reserving easel time ahead of other reservations.
  • If you purchased by single class (from one to three classes), you will receive a text message on Monday afternoon at 1 pm.


2. Respond to the text message with “Yes,” if you would like to reserve easel time at that upcoming Friday class OR “No” if you do not wish to reserve for that week. Reservations for easel time are first-come-first-serve.


  • If you respond “Yes,” you will receive a text either confirming that easel time has been reserved successfully, or that easel time for the upcoming Friday class has already sold out.
  • If you respond “No,” you are welcome to wait for the next weekly invitation that fits your schedule.