Explore our many services for artists

Studio Classes

Our studio program features deep craft training in over 30 different media. The practitioner works through our skills-centered syllabi, while receiving age-appropriate individual instruction at all times, in a small group setting that also allows for peer-to-peer learning experiences.

Field School

Our outings help practitioners develop field-based skills and sensibilities far beyond the controlled space of the studio. To date, the AAHP staff has practiced and taught our students and visiting interns across the northeast USA, Puerto Rico, China, and Africa.

Live Figure & Skeletal Anatomy Studio

At Skin & Bones Studio, we engage in drawing as a deep practice and as a form of inquiry. We start with the Western, classical, time-honored idea and ideal of the human figure as the most astonishing form, and then use the artist’s craft to pursue it.

In-house Art Exhibition Services

AAHP practitioners enjoy opportunities to organize and present solo art shows as formal public exhibitions, including opening receptions and public talks. This service is provided free to currently enrolled students and alumni.

Portfolio Prep Program (P3 Live Studio and P3 Online)

We can help your high-achieving teen prepare powerfully for his or her college applications.
At our studios, your teen can fully build, or finalize, both digital and hard-copy portfolios to enhance all college apps.

Art Consultation Services

The AAHP is happy to offer Portfolio and career consultations to artists, art students, and others searching for employment in the arts. These consultations will be held on site, at the AAHP. The Artist is invited to bring samples of his/her art, photos, portfolios, etc.

Youth Employment

The AAHP provides approximately 30 entry-level, longer-term paid jobs for qualified and trained teens in any studio year. Our three youth employment programs cover tech work, teacher assistantships, and studio management, and center on safety, leadership, and entrepreneurial training for teens.

Volunteers Extraordinaire

The AAHP provides strong training in the ethics and practice of volunteerism for causes larger than one’s own needs and interests, and which enrich the community as a whole. Opportunities for children, teens, and adults wishing to volunteer for its own sake, or to satisfy civic requirements set by school, houses of worship, etc., may include, for example, working with our special needs artists, and assisting practitioners with English as a second language.

Free Services for Special Needs Artists

The AAHP has taught young, special needs artists for free ever since the studio first opened almost 20 years ago. We serve up to five extraordinarily creative youngsters who love artistic practice.

Need-based Art Scholarships

For some 20 years, the AAHP has provided scholarships for youngsters from families facing chronic difficulties at home. We serve up to five young practitioners on any year by providing free professional gear and free instruction.

Special Seminars, Presentations, and Outings

Our 8th Week Explorations and other group presentations allow practitioners to tackle complex methodological and procedural challenges as part of problem-solving groups.