Rates and Discounts


2019-20 Academic Year

All classes are a minimum of one hour except as noted on the Studio Classes page. Students may choose to take more than one hour of classes per week, as well as, more than one course at any time. The chart below lists our 1, 1 ½, and 2 hr. per week rate schedule. Please note that you can choose to take additional class time beyond the 1, 1 ½, or 2 hr. option.

Hours per 8-Week Session Promotions Materials Included Current Rates 5% Discount 10% Discount
1 Hour per Week $285.00 $270.75 $256.50
1 ½ Hours per Week Free 1/2 Hour Included! $409.69 $389.21 $368.72
2 Hours per Week Free Hour Included! $534.38 $507.66 $480.94


*The AAHP proudly provides the highest quality art materials to all students at all times.


Loyalty Teen Staff 2 Family Members 3+ Family Members
5% 5% 5% 10%

Loyalty Discounts

The Loyalty Discount for applies to the Student Member who registered, completed, and fully paid for at least one eight-week Session, and who has paid all other pending charges to his or her account. The Loyalty Discount will only apply to a Student Member who enrolled, completed, and fully paid for any three or more eight-week sessions, and whose accounts are otherwise current. Qualifying Student Members will enjoy a 5% discount to their tuition bills. The Loyalty Discount is activated upon Registration for a full eight-week Session anytime during the academic year, and remains active for every Session that the student is enrolled thereafter without interruption. The Loyalty Discount remains active so long as the Student Member remains in good standing with his or her total account balance, and with all other AAHP policies. 

Family Discounts

The AAHP offers two levels of family discounts:

The Two Member Family Discount

Any two family members registered as Student Members from the same household during the same eight-week Session will receive a 5% discount to each of their tuition bills.

The Three or More Member Family Discount

If three or more family members from the same household attend the same eight-week Session simultaneously, and if all accounts remain in good standing, each family member receives a 10% tuition discount to his or her account.

Employee Discounts

The AAHP offers two different employee discounts

Teen Staff Member Discount

All Teen Staff Members will receive a 5% discount to their tuition bills. In order to receive this discount, the Teen Staff Members, including Volunteers, must work at least three hours per week.

Senior Staff Member Discount

Senior Staff Members and family members of Senior Staff Members also qualify for a discount. Please refer to the Employee Manual or inquire at the office.

Student Members will receive no more than one discount at a time. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers. The Student Member will receive the highest discount that he or she is eligible for under any Session.

The AAHP does not offer any discounts for Summer Sessions.


The AAHP proudly provides the highest quality art materials to all students at all times. Read more