Portfolio Prep Program Online (P3.O)

Rates and Billing


Tuition charges are run every month throughout the Studio Year. Leave anytime; return anytime. 

Rates per 2 hr class every week

Full Tuition Tuition w. 5% Discount
$270.00 per month  $255.00 per month

Billing Schedule

Billing & charging are run on a monthly basis, at the end of each month. 


Loyalty Discounts

There are two ways to qualify for our  Loyalty Discount:

  1. The 5% Loyalty Discount applies to any practitioner who joins P3.O and who ALSO previously attended live in-person classes (pre-Covid 19 pandemic) at the AAHP for at least one full eight-week Session.
  2. The 5% Loyalty Discount also applies to any practitioner who has already participated in the P3.O program for six consecutive months.

Under either of these scenarios, the Loyalty Discount is activated upon registration at any time during the Studio Year, and remains active for every month that the practitioner is enrolled thereafter, without interruption. 

The Loyalty Discount remains active so long as the practitioner remains in good standing with their total account balance, and with all other AAHP policies.

Family Discount

Any two or more family members registered as P3.O practitioners from the same household during the same month will receive a 5% discount to each of their monthly payments.

Please note: While a student may qualify for multiple discounts, only one discount can be applied to any individual subscription during any month. The greatest available discount will always be the one applied.

Portfolio Prep Program Online

Academy of Art of Highland Park
727 Raritan Avenue Highland Park, NJ 08904 USA
Studio Line: (732)-359-4450
Emergency Hotline(732)-668-9813

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Privacy and Online Safety & Security Notice to Minors. Please read.

If you are under the legal age in the country where you live, and/or at the actual place or virtual space wherever you use the Internet, you CANNOT submit to AAHP Online information about yourself, or anyone else, without written consent of your legal guardian. In addition, you cannot reach AAHP Online by using any channel or means that ignore legal age where you live and/or operate online. Failure to follow all rules at AAHP Online may lead you to face disciplinary action, which may include summary dismissal from AAHP Online. Please work with us to safeguard everyone’s privacy and personhood. This is a huge part of the ethics of being a Studio Practitioner in AAHP Online. Please read and discuss with your legal guardian all privacy and online safety and security rules, listed in the AAHP Online’s Terms of Use. These rules are also found in the AAHP Online’s User’s Manual. The Manual is issued to you if and when your legal guardian initiates your monthly subscription. Thank you for being awesome!