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Recent Progression of the AAHP’s College-Track Program


That Was Yesterday: P3

The AAHP’s Portfolio Prep Program (P3) was our former and highly successful college-track program, running for some 15 years until COVID-19 stopped us cold in our tracks, in March 2020. 

This is Today: P3.O

In May 2020, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s disruptions, we redesigned P3 as P3.O (“O” for online). It was and remains today our highest priority effort, in order to get our college-bound teen students, especially our hard-hit 11th graders, ready for college applications this fall. 

P3.O, now running through Aug. 30, 2020, is a two-pronged program; it fulfills classes that we were not able to deliver during the pandemic, and it allows ongoing students to keep building their portfolios. Your P3 youngster may still re-join throughout Aug. 1 2020. 

To sign up, please contact Aaron S. Balavram via email, art14@artacademynj.com or via text message at 732-359-4450.

What Comes Tomorrow: Open Skies Thinkers & Doers: The Portfolio Prep School Online

In September 2020, the P3.O fulfilment effort will end for good, and re-emerge as Open Skies Thinkers and Doers: The Portfolio Prep School Online. This online school is designed by and will be operated by veteran senior AAHP staff, though as a separate and world-wide online program. This intensive personalized mentoring program will serve up to 100 honors students around the world; students may remain in the program for up to five years—from ages 13 to 18. 

We will afford our former and qualified AAHP students opportunities to apply first, and offer such students a continuing, special loyalty discount as the student progresses through the program.


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