Drawing Materials


Paper: Pad of DRAWING paper (NOT sketching paper), weight 80lb. Size 9in x 12in. White or cream. Spiral bound is best. Brands: Strathmore, or Canson. AVOID Bienfang Brand.


Pencils: either a kit of all 20 graphite pencils OR one of each of the following: 2B, 5B, 8B, HB, H, 5H. Good brands are Design by Eberhard-Faber, Kimberley, and Pro Art. Even better are Schwam and Derwent. Please AVOID Turquoise and Staedler, great brands but not for techniques we’ll explore!

Charcoal: Small pack containing three to five sticks of charcoal sticks, SOFT. If you must buy a full box, that is fine for future use. DO NOT BUY compressed charcoal.


Blenders: Also called paper stump, or torchons, about 3/4in. in diameter. The double-tipped blenders are strongly preferred.

Masking Tape:

Duster: Cheap, but unused, feather duster, or draftsman’s dusting brush


White eraser: White eraser, preferably Staedler brand.

Grey eraser: Grey kneaded eraser


Toolbox: If you plan on drawing in the field, then a cheap, plastic tackle box will store your drawing materials. Art boxes are very expensive at art stores. However, tackles boxes are just as good and very affordable at home department stores like Target, etc.