Scheduling a Make-Up Class

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Phone: (732)-777-2085

Three Easy Steps to Schedule a Make-Up

  1. Know your hours/dates of absence.
    Have at hand the exact date of the absence you are calling to make-up. Make sure the date is within the current Session. Note the amount of hours of class time you missed on said date. The Academy will not research this data: student is responsible for keeping records of absences/hours missed.
  2. Choose your make-up options from the current schedule of classes.
    Consult the current schedule here or within your Academy Bulletin, mailed to you regularly, for your best make-up options. If you missed an oil class, for example, look for scheduled oil classes to do your make-up. Please do not ask the Academy staff to read our large class schedule to you over the phone: this is expressly forbidden by our office policy. Please do not tentatively explore options on the phone with Academy staff: have your plan ready before you call, being sure to have a second or third option available in case your first choice is not possible.
  3. Call or email the academy to request your make-up slot and obtain positive confirmation before the session is over.
    Please call or email the Academy (leave a voicemail if the phone is not picked-up) detailing what date you missed and what date you would like to make up. Be sure to receive positive confirmation from a returned call or email.. Please do not settle make-up arrangements with our part-time instructors. The Academy will not be responsible for its failure to deliver make-ups that were not positively scheduled and confirmed over the phone or via email.

Make-up period
Make-ups will be honored only within the current Session in which the absence occurred

Booking a makeup
A request for a make-up must be submitted 24 hours prior to the desired make-up time, either via phone or email. Sunday students requesting makeups for Sunday must submit a request no later than the previous Friday, at 3pm. This will be determined by the date stamp that a message or email was received. Please note that announcing your intention to make-up a class does not secure your time slot. Your make-up must be formally booked by staff via email or phone before you can show up for your make-up class.

Date of Absence in Question
It is the responsibility of the student/student’s legal guardian to call the Academy to re-schedule a make-up. The student must inform the Academy of the exact date of the absence in question as well as the total hours missed. The Academy will not research that data for the student or caller.

Make-Ups Allowable
A maximum of two make-ups are available per Session to students in a standard eight week Session. Summer Sessions are short five-week sessions that only allow for a maximum of one make-up per Session. As an example, the Academy will not honor a make-up in Session III for an absence that occurred in the previous Session II. If student fails to make-up for absences within the current Session, the student forfeits the make-up and the Academy will be exempt of any further obligations regarding lost class time even though the class was billed and payment was received. If you face extraordinary circumstances such as a hospitalization, for example, please discuss options with us.

Excess Make-Ups
If student unwittingly over-calculates make-up times and sits for more time than necessary, the student will be billed for such additional time. The student is obligated to pay for this time as class services rendered.

Additional Classes
Students willfully taking classes beyond their billed class times are asked to please sign-in their additional hours in a sheet reserved for such matters in the studio. The Academy does not accept cash transactions.

Students matriculating for half-Session (by permission only, and due to travel or illness, etc.) will pay full price for said period, without claiming other discounts, such as family discount, etc.