Art Studio Practice for Adults

in the live studio
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Studio Year 2022-2023

Begins Wednesday, September 7 2022

We don’t teach art. No one can. But no one can aspire to creative, artistic practice without acquiring the craft of the artist as one’s own.

And the artist’s craft can only be learned through actual practice.
That’s what we teach, and teach very, very well.

We are here to welcome you into deep, strong, old-school practice.
That practice is always about the new and transformative things
that you’ll experience and create!

Course Offerings (multiple levels of advancement):

Drawing, inks, watercolors, acrylics, oils, and collage.

Class slots:

All classes entail a 2-hour slot.

Class Schedule:

Mondays 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Wednesdays 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 Noon

Class Make-Ups:


Studio Closures:

November 24 to and including November 27 (Thanksgiving)

December 24 to and including January 1 (Winter Holidays)

April 3 to and including April 9 (Spring Break)

May 26 to and including May 29 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Studio Year Classes end Friday June 30

Summer Studio 2023 TBA


Monthly Subscription Rates per Student per Weekly Class
2 hrs class weekly
All subscriptions start on the 1st of the month.
You may cancel your subscription at any time; please note that projects may be unfinished when you choose to cancel.

Art Materials:

For adult students, the AAHP provides all art materials, tools, and instruments, for all media and all artforms, on site at the studio. These materials must, however, always remain on the premises.
If you would like to build your own basic drawing kit at home, you may wish to purchase materials for yourself using our suggested materials list.

Health & Wellness Policy

  • 1. The AAHP’s Director/Chief Instructor is an older chronic asthmatic. Though vaccinated and boosted, she cannot face undue higher risks of exposure to colds, the flu, or COVID-19 and its variants. 


  • 2. If feeling under the weather, please call out and arrange for a credit. It’s easy!


  • 3. Staff, students, and guests must bring in their own masks. All individuals are asked to wear the mask to fully cover their mouth and nose at all times when in the studio, in the hallway, and when in the bathrooms. Please remove and dispose of masks only once outside the premises.


  • 4. The studio will provide complimentary disinfection wipes and hand sanitizers at all worktables. All work tables are disinfected after and before any sitting.


  • 5. The studio will operate an air filter during class times.


  • 6. There is no cross-ventilation in the studio; the room layout demands that the room operate behind closed doors, under air-conditioning and/or central heating.


  • 7. Guests and visitors cannot remain in the studio during class times.


  • 8. No more than five practitioners will be allowed in the studio at once, each seated at least six-feet apart.


  • 9. Studio staff reserve the right to ask non-compliant individuals to leave the studio at once.


  • 10. The student assumes all risks associated with potential exposure to contagious diseases in the studio and its premises.


  • 11. If the local community at large, or the studio community in particular, experiences a breakout of contagious disease, classes may revert online, temporarily, though still be delivered from the studio, via Zoom.