Teen Job Requirements

Job Title




Entry level, all training is on-the-job



Federal or State minimum wage, whichever is currently highest.


Worksite Headquarters

AAHP Studios, 727 Raritan Ave., Highland Park, NJ USA 08904


Work Hours



Once-a-Week Duties

All teen studio management crew jobs require that the employee be trained to fulfill job duties that that do include leaving the premises for brief periods of time for any of the following reasons: purchasing for the AAHP, managing laundry, helping the Senior Staff dispose of waste materials, managing trashbins and recycling, and others.

Such work may entail walking to local premises in Highland Park, or riding the company vehicle (the ArtMobile), or the vehicle of any other Senior Staff member. Any excursions on. or beyond, the external premises of the studio, are conducted under the Senior Staff of the studio.



Candidate must…
…be 14, or older, and present written parental permission to work at the AAHP, including permission to walk or bike to local commercial establishments in downtown Highland Park (Stop-n-Shop, Rite Aid, etc).


Unplugged Policy

The AAHP/Aii experience centers on close interaction, teamwork and collaboration between all participants, instructors, other staff, and other collaborators. The AAHP/Aii experience also aims to foster close relationships between all involved, in our roles as artists, travelers, educators and students. In order to secure safety and security while traveling, as well as teamwork and mutuality, the AAHP/Aii does not tolerate use of personal electronics and other devices that may prove distracting, and disorienting, and therefore possibly dangerous.

All teen employees agrees to abide by the AAHP/Aii’s Unplugged Policy, requiring that the employee refrain from using (except in case of emergencies), all personal electronic devices that offer music, games, messaging, phoning, texting, reading, and recording opportunities. The teen staff member agrees to keep all personal electronic devices with sound OFF at all times, and rely only on vibration alerts. While on work duty, the teen staff member is allowed to use any such devices only to communicate with parents and/or legal guardians. In such cases, the teen must alert adult staff that s/he needs to step aside briefly to answer a parental call. Please note that frequent checking of your phone for messages, time, etc., is disagreeable to any and all employers, including the AAHP. Please Keep the phone INSIDE your pocket or bag, and refer to it only during emergencies, urgencies, or pre-announced matters.

On some occasions, a behind-the scenes job may allow for use of ONE earbud while the teen is on duty. This amenity must be granted explicitly by adult supervisory staff, and may be canceled at any moment as the demands of the day shift.


Dress Code

The AAHP is a multi-ethnic family center serving children, teens, and adults from many different cultures that place a premium on decorum. Decorum and respect is the rule here. Please note that the AAHP Dress Code Policy has as much to do with safety and health as it has to do with decorum. A statement to this effect can also be found in the Health and Safety Protocol. The following dress code is in place at all times. No exceptions.

Young Women
  • warning No spaghetti strap blouses
  • warning No low-cut blouses whatsoever
  • warning No bathing suits under translucent clothing
  • warning No undergarments showing
  • warning No low pants revealing the hips and/or buttocks
  • warning No short blouses revealing belly
  • warning No display of tattoos
  • warning No short “shorts”
  • warning Tank tops allowed, but not if low-cut
  • warning No bare feet

During the hot days of summer, young women may choose to store cover-up clothing at the studio, to be used during work. If you report to work out of dress code otherwise, you will be asked to clock-out and come back with cover up clothing, or to wear a hot, terribly ugly, 3-foot long T-shirt from our smock department. You choose.

Young Men
  • Well-groomed facial hair is permitted under the AAHP dress code
  • warning No pants allowed to drop below waistline
  • warning No display of tattoos
  • warning No body odor
  • warning No bare feet

We also prefer that you wear your free AAHP T-shirt during work hours whenever possible. During community events, you will be required to wear the AAHP T-shirt as staff uniform. Coaches will need to wear AAHP-issued red aprons when serving as such.

Both young men and women are welcomed to wear ethnic and/or religious garments and outfits whenever serving as employees of the AAHP.

Jobs are hard to get these days, especially fun ones in an art studio. There is a waiting line of several teens and adults looking for jobs at the AAHP. To keep yours, attend to this matter with all due seriousness. If you do report to work outside of dress code, you will be asked to clock out and return to your work once you have taken care of the problem.


Access to your Supervisors

All teen employees report directly at all times to Aaron Balavram, Senior Studio Manager. Teen employees also receive communications via email, phone text, and in person.

As teen employee, you may also report to A.E. Soto-Canino if Mr. Balavram cannot, or fails to, address your questions, or resolve your concerns, or if you must discuss a private or confidential matter. Young women are asked to discuss any health-related matters that affect the job directly with Ana.

Please note that it is necessary to alert either Aaron Balavram or A.E. Soto-Canino of absences at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled work hours.

If you or your parents need to contact the AAHP confidentially, you may use the confidential email: aahpconfidential@gmail.com IMPORTANT: Ana does NOT visit this email address routinely; it is imperative that you alert her in person, or by phone, if she is to find your confidential email online. Thank You.



Location, location, location. It is fun to work in an active art studio, and ours, founded in 1998, is located at the heart of the thriving community that is Highland Park, surrounded by our fun neighbors on both sides of the Raritan River. At the AAHP, you’ll get to meet many smart, fun-loving, creative, generous and hard-working people who love to build community.

Flexible work schedules. We’ll let you know what job slots we have, and you let us know your availability; we can usually take it form there in a mutually agreeable manner. Discounts on all AAHP classes. This discount stands as long as you work a minimum of three hours/week in a steady job position.

Leadership training. Both teen crews offer leadership training platforms for teens, focusing on entrepreneurship and team-work. Work at the AAHP helps teens develop the life and leadership skills necessary to lead creative and productive lives, free of lost potential and drudgery.

Participation in outings specifically designed for teen staff. As AAHP teen employee, you can partake in all our outings through Aii, our Field School for artists and art students, and other art-centered adventures. Our 2014-2015 season included fieldwork at a NJ farm pumpkin patch, a trip to NYC’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine, to view their annual Halloween Puppet Extravaganza, and two overnight beach camping trips, centering on fieldwork at the Sandy Hook National Recreational Area.

And your awesome Art Attack T-shirt, FREE!