Youth Employment

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Covid-19 Pandemic starting in March of 2020, all employment operations have been moved online. All references to work location below should be regarded as if they were referring to working remotely online.

The AAHP provides approximately 30 entry-level, longer-term paid jobs for qualified and trained teens in any studio year. Our three youth employment programs cover tech work, teacher assistantships, and studio management, and center on safety, leadership, and entrepreneurial training for teens.

Welcome to work at the AAHP!

The Academy of Art of Highland Park takes pride in its highly trained, experienced, and focused staff.

Teen Employment/Leadership Programs

The Studio Management and Responsive Teaching Trust (SMaRTT, aka “Coaches”)

This program includes all the trained teaching assistants. This job is only open to qualified and trained teens.

The Studio Management Leadership Program (SMLP)

This program includes the Junior Tuesday Studio Manager, the Friday Work Crew, the Sunday Work Crew, and the ArtMobile Maintenance Assistant.


Teen volunteers may be part of either the SMaRTT or SMLP program, or, part of an internship program customized on their behalf. Volunteers are fully entitled to all amenities enjoyed by all other teen staff, and invited to fully partake in all staff-centered activities for the teen staff, such as outings, speaker’s presentations, staff meals and gatherings, etc.

Job Application

If you are a teenager (age 14-18), and are interested in a position in one of the three programs listed above, please consult your parents, and have them visit this page, then apply with parental permission and assistance by clicking the button below.

Please note the following common allergens are always present in the studio animal hair, assorted nuts, liquid latex.

The AAHP is an Equal Opportunity Employer