Exhibition Guidelines

Scheduling Your Show

Please visit and see the show wall before you commit.

Then, simply submit the attached Exhibition Proposal form and return it to the AAHP with as much lead time as possible.

Hanging Your Show

You hang your show. It typically takes three to four hours; you’ll need to bring a buddy or two to help, and snacks to keep you going. Plan to do this at least one day prior to your Opening Reception — up to a full week ahead is much more comfortable.

Good show set-up hours are Friday night after 7pm and anytime Saturday, am or pm, if you book the date in advance, as the studio is ordinarily closed on Saturdayse

Your set-up includes hanging the work, (we supply the hanging system), labeling, and posting a price sheet if any, etc. Please bring ready-to-hang art, labels, a small biography (sober or funny — your choice), and a brief statement on the series being shown, including show title, if you have one. Some exhibitors have simply placed the show statement and the bio on one side of a page and the works/price list on the other. Please have several copies to distribute at the Reception and thereafter.

The wall space can only accept flat work. We also have hanging systems on the two front windows (heavy sun exposure) and some works can be shown on tabletop easels for the day. Some works can be shown on floor or tabletop easels, but once the Reception is over we can only display whatever hangs on the wall and window hooks and stands on the cabinet. We can show 3-D works on the night of the Reception, but these must come down that night, as there is no room for such displays during the regular studio hours of operation.

Your flat work must be framed. Each piece must have a means of hanging on our wall hooks (wire, a loop, or enough wooden canvas to catch safely). A numbered List of Works on the wall will help your viewers/buyers. You may label each piece individually or number it.

The Academy is a family art center; nudes, adult themes or otherwise provocative or hard imagery must be reviewed by the Academy before approval. Hard imagery can be displayed only at your Opening Reception to your guests and must be taken off the premises after the Opening — it cannot be stored with us.

You may price and sell your works at the reception and thereafter. If you make a sale, congratulations!

Planning your opening reception

Opening receptions often take place on the day as show opening. Please be sure to allow time for set-up, event, and post-event cleanup.

  1. Plan your itinerary

    EXAMPLE ITINERARY for an Opening Reception on a SATURDAY (your schedule can differ from this example):

    8pm: Please arrive no later than 6pm to set up tables (read on) if you didn’t do so on Friday night.

    8:30pm-10:30pm: Your Opening Reception.

    9pm: Academy staff formally introduces the artist and guides a conversation between the visitors and the artist.

    9:30pm-10:30pm: We mingle, take pictures, etc.

    10:30pm: Academy staff goes home. You can stay with your guests. In this case, you must review with us the studio closing procedures before-hand.

    You are welcome to re-design the Opening Reception program with us. (For example, some artists have featured friends who play music live during the show, some have read a poem or statement, some have publicly recognized loved ones who helped them along the way with their art lives, etc.…).

  2. Plan for your Featured Artist Table

    The Academy will set up a display table for the Reception, near the door, for guests as they walk in. Use it to display more art (such as 3-D works), photos, bio, thank you messages etc.

  3. Plan Your Menu

    The Academy will supply: ice cooler and small refrigerator, cork opener, cutting board, filtered water and trash bags for cleanup.

    You bring: Tablecloths, whatever type of food you wish, based on your estimated number of guests. Please design your “menu” as you see fit. Some students have served only wine and nuts. Others have served fresh fruit platters, hot meals, fancy cakes, etc. A basic menu list should also include 2 bags of ice, paper cups and plates, and napkins.

  4. Clean-Up

    Kindly allow time after your guests depart for cleanup and collection of your party materials (food, drinks, etc.).

Announcing your show

The studio is unfortunately too small to help with this effort, but we will be happy to display any flyer or poster you prepare. We have at least three posting spots for such a flyer. You can also send a typed press release to local papers—they always pick it up and print the listing. List the Academy telephone on the “for more information” line.

If your family or friends are allergic to dog hair, alert them about Howie. He will not be present during your Opening Reception, but his hair will, no matter how much we vacuum. The AAHP reserves the right to invite other Academy students and staff to your Opening Reception.

Documenting your show

The AAHP takes pictures of your event. As exhibitor you agree to permit the Academy post pictures of your event on our publicity materials. You’re welcome to take and use other pictures yourself!

Also, please leave us a copy of your bio and show literature for our files.

Viewing the show after the reception

Your friends and family are welcome to see the show by appointment, as we run some six to eight hours of busy class time every day. Please have your fans call to schedule a visit, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Show Takedown

Please be prepared to take your show down at about one month later, with no delay. The Academy cannot store your work after takedown, not even temporarily. Any work you leave behind remains here at your own risk.


You agree to exhibit at your own risk. We will treat your works with professional respect but be advised that we cannot assume responsibility for the works at any time. For what it is worth: we feature the Arawak professional (and expensive!) hanging hook system, and we have a pro fire alarm system hot-wired directly to the city’s firehouse and no history of water leaks nor flooding. In any case, we strongly suggest that you photo-document any work that leaves your hands, for whatever reason…

The show wall is a high traffic space. Unframed works run higher risks, as they do not feature glass to shield them from accidents. Hanging the works higher rather than lower on our show wall, and closer to the front of the room (rather than the far reach of the wall near the kitchenette) will reduce the risk of damage. Failure to abide by these guidelines jeopardizes your property. The Academy of Art is not responsible for any damage or loss to your private property before, during or after your show.