Order a Gift Certificate

AAHP art lesson Gift Certificates are available for all ages (5 and up) and levels of experience. Your darling or friend will enjoy deep learning in our bright and safe studio, while working among kind peers and our line-up of professional, devoted art instructors. And, as always, he or she will receive individualized instruction with every class.

Options include 4-hr and 8-hr. gift packages. Each gift package comes with two added bonuses: an additional FREE one-hour class (that is, buy 4 hours, get 5, or buy 8 hours, get 9), PLUS FREE use of all studio materials.

Each Gift Certificate comes in a bright red envelope that you can personalize and mail, or present in person! We can also mail it to the recipient directly if you wish.


What is included? With any purchase of an AAHP Gift Certificate, you will be able to gift that special person one  of two options, and both also include a 1-hr FREE class! 

What are the Gift Certificate Rates?  Rates are as follows: 

A Gift Certificate for one Session includes eight, 1-hour class/week sittings, for eight consecutive weeks on the studio calendar, PLUS a bonus FREE CLASS = $285.00

A Gift Certificate for a Half -Session includes four, one-hour class/week sittings, for four consecutive weeks on the studio calendar, PLUS a bonus FREE CLASS= $142.50

How do I purchase my AAHP Gift Certificate? The AAHP Gift Certificate purchase process is simple and can be done through this link here:*

How do I pick up my certificate? Once you purchase your gift certificate,  we will send you a confirmation e-mail that your order has been received. Then, we will follow up with dates for picking up your Gift Certificate at your convenience!

What if I’m out of town? : We can mail the AAHP Gift Certificate to your recipient,  if you wish! However, we only use the USPO and cannot guarantee delivery dates.

When is this Gift Certificate offer over? Never! Our Gift Certificates are also available as your belated holiday gifts, or for holiday season birthdays, etc. You can reach out to us with any questions by calling our office phone line, 732-777-2085. Or stop by the Academy, or email us at art14@artacademynj.com.

Any details to know of? Please call if you have any questions. AAHP Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash or trade. No refunds are available for classes or certificates post-purchase.  All classes run on the published AAHP studio class calendar. New students must enter our studio practice through the Drawing syllabus. Exceptions are considered only on a one-to-one basis after the first hour of paid classes. Ongoing students can use an AAHP Gift Certificate to continue their current studies, or to add an additional course. Find a load of information about the AAHP  at our popular website, aahpnj.com

Why join the studio with an AAHP Gift Certificate? It’s never too late to make that thoughtful gesture of giving with an AAHP Gift Certificate!  (It’s better than another ugly sweater, we promise!). And another important is this: because the AAHP is an exciting community of, for, and by creatives!

What a year it has been! As we approach the holidays which mark the end of this timeline, we would like to remind you, and announce a few things to everyone:

First of all, thank you for a lovely 21st year of creative action and deep learning in the arts! We would not be here without each and every one of you. Your passion is what continues to fuel our classes and keep our doors open!  As always, we truly thank you for being a part of the community experience at the Academy of Art of Highland Park, and all your brilliant contributions!