ArtVentures Field School 2021

Art Materials

Required Art Materials

The field practitioner will need a basic drawing/sketching kit. Please find this gear at your favorite online shop. The 2021 estimate for a new kit ranges from $35 – $45, approximately. 

  • one drawing pad (please avoid sketching pads) that opens flat, with fine-grained paper, rated at least 70lb. You may also opt for a mixed-paper pad, but for the Introductory level, you will not need paper for wet media.
  • one set of graphite drawing pencils: including at least a 2B, 5B, and an 8B, if not a larger set (the largest, classic set features 2O different levels of hardness)
  • one white eraser (please avoid pink erasers, other color erasers, and pencil erasers)
  • one soft gray kneaded eraser
  • one 12-inch ruler
  • one drafting brush or old, clean sock (to be worn on hand as a duster)
  • one set of color wax pencils, at least seven to ten colors. Prismacolor brand is among the best.
  • computer printer paper, or other lightweight paper, as scrap
  • one pencil sharpener, or better yet, one craft knife
  • one sheet fine sandpaper
  • a lightweight portable lap desk and/or larger clipboard

    Please avoid the following:

    • No powdery media, please: no pastels, no chalks, no charcoal.
    • No spray fixative


    Other Materials to Consider:

    • sun protection, including sensible outerwear, hat or visor, sunglasses
    • water-proof seating or cushion
    • insect repellent or netting
    • water bottle
    • charged mobile phone
    • indoor access to a computer desk, to serve as “base camp” during class times, and where you can regroup with instructors and peers.

    Where to Shop

    If you prefer to do your shopping online, there are a number of sites we recommend investigating