Field School

Our outings help practitioners develop field-based skills and sensibilities far beyond the controlled space of the studio. To date, the AAHP staff has practiced and taught our students and visiting interns across the northeast USA, Puerto Rico, China, and Africa.

2019 – 2020 Scheduled Trips

(please note, the following dates are subject to change)

3/21/20: Museum event (ages 14+ current enrolled students only).  Join us at the American Museum of Natural History’s special exhibition, “Nature of Color” and also featuring our traditional field drawing at the life-sized African Elephant diorama.  See below for registration and more details.

5/2/20: Evening out (for adults)

8/1/20: Hike and Sketch (for children, teens, and adults)

American Museum of Natural History Field Trip on 3/21/20


WHO: Currently enrolled teen and adult practitioners at AAHP (ages 14 and up).

We have 18 spots available for students only to join us in our walk through of the Nature of Color Special Exhibition.  The museum has timed the entry for our group, and there will be no leeway before or after that.

Practitioners, parents, and anybody else accompanying a participant  beyond the eighteen reserved slots can attempt to book on their own for this exhibition.

WHAT:  An AAHP expedition to the American Museum of Natural History, where we will first eat a light lunch, and then visit the timed, special exhibition, The Nature of Color, followed by a visit to the Hall of African Mammals, where we will do field sketching of the life-sized African elephant diorama.

Please note that special museum exhibitions such as “The Nature of Color” are created for the general public, and are meant to serve many ages. We should not expect to find the more sophisticated approaches to color science that we delve into here in studio. Having said that, let’s use this fun outing as an opportunity to feast our eyes and also pose important questions that are central to our artistic practice.

WHERE: We will meet at noon to eat lunch in the Museum’s “Cafe on Four.” It is located on the 4th floor adjacent to the 77th St. elevators. Please note, there is more than one cafe in the Museum.

HOW: To reserve one of the 18 spots for viewing the timed exhibit, please RSVP to the AAHP using the Event Form found here. These slots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The timed event is open only to AAHP teen and adult practitioners aged 14 +. If you are a parent or a family member, you must make your own reservations for the timed exhibition. We cannot guarantee you will be in the same time slot as our timed walk through of the special exhibition.

If you are 14 or 15, you must have an adult chaperone. Please note that the chaperone will not be eligible for one of the 18 student spots reserved for the special exhibition. They are welcome to join us for our activities and sketching of the African Elephant diorama.

On the day of the event, you can contact Ana or Aaron with updates on your location, urgencies, or emergencies by calling or texting. Once you are registered for the event, you will receive a confirmation email and Ana and Aaron’s contact information.

This program is being offered at cost, meaning you are paying only what the musuem charges. The AAHP is providing free organizational support and free art instruction. If you reserve a student slot through the AAHP,  you will need to submit a check to us for $26 by Wednesday 3/18 (this fee includes both the museum charge and the subway rides. If you are a student practitioner meeting us at the Museum, you may submit a check for $20). All practitioners will be responsible for their own interstate transportation and food costs. Chaperones are responsible for all of their own costs.

What to bring

On the day of the field trip, please be sure to bring sketchbooks, simple drawing media (the museum only allows pencil and eraser), charged phones, and spending money. Wear sensible shows for walking on hard surfaces for several hours.

WHEN: Saturday, 3/21 with the following options and time schedule

To get to NYC
Option 1 – If you want to travel with the AAHP Staff to NYC, meet us in the studio no later than 7:45 am.  We will be leaving the studio by 8 am sharp.

Option 2 -If you are meeting us at the Museum, please join us at the “Cafe on Four” at twelve noon (see above in “Where” section for cafe details).

At the Museum
Our reserved and timed walk through the special exhibition is scheduled  for 2:30 pm. Please read above if you are a parent or family member.

After the walk-through, we will sketch the life-sized models of the African elephants diorama in the Hall of African Mammals until the Museum closes at 5:45 pm.

Return home
At 5:45 pm, participants will individually choose how to return home. You can always choose to join the AAHP staff  to return to Highland Park via NYC subways and NJ Transit. Just let us know in advance!