DVT Rates and Referral Bonus


Every child attends a minimum of a one-hour class per week, running on a monthly subscription.

You can choose to have your child attend more than one hour per week, which will qualify you for discounted rates.

For the second hour, you will receive a $7 discount.



1-Hour Weekly Class 2-Hour Weekly Class
Monthly Rate $161 $315 (includes $7 discount)


Student Referral Bonus

Refer a friend to join the children’s studio, and receive a free bonus one-hour class for each friend who registers and attends at least eight classes!


Privacy and Online Safety & Security Notice to Minors. Please read.

If you are under the legal age in the country where you live, and/or at the actual place or virtual space wherever you use the Internet, you CANNOT submit to AAHP Online information about yourself, or anyone else, without written consent of your legal guardian. In addition, you cannot reach AAHP Online by using any channel or means that ignore legal age where you live and/or operate online. Failure to follow all rules at AAHP Online may lead you to face disciplinary action, which may include summary dismissal from AAHP Online. Please work with us to safeguard everyone’s privacy and personhood. This is a huge part of the ethics of being a Studio Practitioner in AAHP Online. Please read and discuss with your legal guardian all privacy and online safety and security rules, listed in the AAHP Online’s Terms of Use. These rules are also found in the AAHP Online’s User’s Manual. The Manual is issued to you if and when your legal guardian initiates your monthly subscription. Thank you for being awesome!