Courses FAQ

+ How do I register?

After your free trial class submit a registration form.* Please wait for an email confirmation and telephone call announcing that we have received and processed your registration. At that time we will indicate the best seat we have secured for you under your stated preferences. The Registrar will then alert you as to the next best time to begin your regular classes. Please do not show up to studio without said confirmation, as we will surely not be able to seat you.

*Free trial class required before registration

+ What is a Studio Course?

Our pedagogy follows a time-honored progression in the use of media and supports. This, in turn, hinges on the Student’s progressive development of foundational skills and sensibilities across time-periods.

+ Why do we start with drawing?

We teach the strongest drawing fundamentals this side of the Mississippi, and we will completely refund your 8-week course payment if you can prove us wrong! This course forms the foundation for the rest of our courses. The student explores over 15 different types of media across various levels of advancement.

+ Do I need to buy my own materials?

Students do not need to buy their own materials. The AAHP proudly provides the highest quality art materials to all students at all times.

+ What are your fees?

Click here to go to our Rates & Billing.

+ Do you have discounts?

Yes, click here to learn about our discounts.

+ What is the schedule of classes?

Check our Schedule page to see a list of current class time slots.