Art Consultations

The AAHP is happy to offer portfolio and career consultations to artists, art students, and others searching for employment in the arts. These consultations will be held on site, at the AAHP. The artist is invited to bring samples of his/her art, photos, portfolios, etc.

Special Offers for P3 Students

Please call or email to book a 1.5 hr college prep consultation with Ana at the AAHP. If under 18, you must have at least one parent or legal guardian present. This needs to be an individual who will be closely engaged with your application process. As with all of the P3, this service is FREE to AAHP students.

Afterwards, we can agree on a second, 2-hr appointment with Ana at the AAHP to review all your existing work, photo-document all your pieces using studio cameras, and critically select your top 10, 15, and/or 20 pieces. If under 18, you can do this without a parent or legal guardian present, but they must be informed and give consent. As with all of the PPP, this service is FREE to AAHP students.

Request Consultation

The following form can be used to request a portfolio and career consultations for artists.