The ArtMobile

The Artmobile

It is our great pleasure to present the AAHP’s colorful set of wheels!

Our eye-catching ArtMobile is a Chevy Astro conversion van, seating seven, including the driver. It came together thanks to pure team effort. David Segal, a Rutgers University student and automotive connoisseur who also serves as the AAHP’s Systems Administrator, found and researched the vehicle on behalf of the AAHP. David assisted with all pre- and post-purchase matters. AAHP Director A.E. Soto-Canino came up with the original design concept for the full-vehicle vinyl wrap. That concept was then refined and produced by L.E. Weinstein, AAHP alumna and in-house Designer, who has since graduated from the University of Delaware and now works as a pro designer. Aaron Balavram, who serves as the AAHP’s Senior Instructor/Studio Manager, designed the AAHP’s logo as it appears on the hood, and served as consultant during the design process. Friday Work Crew teen member Nicole Carr serves as the ArtMobile’s Junior Maintenance Manager.

The ArtMobile is a workhorse, serving as cargo van, passenger van, and mobile art studio. The vehicle is registered, insured and licensed as an Omnibus-2 passenger van under the laws of the state of New Jersey, which permits the AAHP to carry paying passengers.

Be sure to wave or honk as we roll by!