AAHP Text Reminder & Special Announcements Service


The AAHP uses a text-messaging notification service for our students and their families. It is free. Our service platform is TextMagic. You can choose to opt in or opt out at any time.

This service promises to greatly enhance our ability to serve you best, by helping you enhance your own ability to:

1-track your class schedules with us at the Academy of Art.

2-Track any special appointments you may have with the AAHP.

2-track extraordinary weather/road conditions that may affect your workplace attendance and the studio’s operations.


At this time, and due to logistical reasons given our small staff size, the office personnel at the studio cannot offer you important reminder services via voicemail or email. We can, however, do so via texting services with the new service that we are presenting here.

This user service is just that, a  service ; it will be directed at you as an enrolled practitioner needing useful reminders, and extraordinary announcements, and  not for promotional or advertising purposes.

We do hope that you take advantage of this means of managing your studio experience with us, so that you don’t miss a single beat!


Most often, a text message reminder will be personalized just for you.

Now and then, you may also receive a text message targeting all our practitioners, as when we announce schedule changes due to foul weather, road closures (for example, the HP Street Fair road closing of Rt. 27 in May every year), etc.

You will also be able to:

—reply to text reminders we send only to you

—reply to texts we send to all our current students, given extraordinary situations.

Please note that we will text-reply only once to your first and only confirmation reply to us. Thereafter, any ongoing conversations with you will revert to phone and/or email. Please do not initiate or extend conversations with the AAHP via this text messaging service. In order to keep this service free to you, we cannot support such usage.



We have vetted and contracted with TextMagic.

We have reviewed Textmagic’s “TexMagic Data Protection and Privacy Policy” to determine how the company will/might use your contact and communications data. As of March 20, 2018, TextMagic asserted in “Section 9, Use, Sharing and Disclosure”, that “We will NEVER sell or rent your data including any of your client’s data. Nor do we claim any ownership rights over any content you provide to us which shall remain 100% yours.” Here is the  link to TextMagic’s privacy policy page.

We will keep vetting the service at all times. We also encourage all our users to immediately alert us of any indication or evidence that TextMagic is dis-servicing you in any way, at any time.


To opt in, please use our in-house. website form called AAHP Text Reminder and Special Announcement Service. You can use the same form to change your status at any time and for free.

Text reminders from the AAHP will come to you from the following number: 1-833-253-6700. Please add this number to your contacts as AAHP TEXT.

If a majority of our practitioners join the service, we will consider purchasing rights to tag our text messages with our proper phone number.

This service is not automatic. You must actively consent to opt in, or opt out. You can opt in and out as you wish, anytime.

If you do not choose to opt in or out, we will exclude you from the service until you grant us further notice via the aforementioned electronic form.


You can opt out of this text reminder service at any time by replying to any text at any time by writing STOP.

If you later change your mind, and wish to indeed receive texts moving forward, you will be able to re-join any time. Simply return to our Text Reminder and Special Announcement Service form on our website.

Our Client Agreement reflects the information provided in this email.

Please call or email us if you have any questions or suggestions.