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Pomegranates by Marta Cavaleiro, watercolor

Session II Fall/Winter 2019

The Studio runs in consecutive 8 week sessions

Monday, October 28 – Sunday, December 22

We are now in week 3 of 8

Registration accepted during any week in a Session, except the final 8th week.

Welcome Back to Studio!


Hello one and all. This is Ana, and I’m delighted to hereby kick-off our new studio year 2019-2020.

Welcome back to your home studio, where we help you launch yourself into the deep pursuit of the artist’s craft.

Welcome back to a deeper engagement with artistic practice as a practice, where we work together to create artistic communities one individual at a time, and then by developing individual genius, so that each of us becomes a more powerful observer, a stronger thinker, and a more adroit builder of astonishing things that aspire to art.

This new studio year, we have exciting things coming your way:

Hit the Wall!

Coming soon, workshop classes on Saturday afternoons for youngsters and teens! This course is slated for any student (age 9-18) who has already completed our Foundations of Drawing course (Introduction/Intermediate/Advanced levels). It will feature an exciting introduction to the mural as a truly time-honored art form (three thousand years and counting….).

Skin & Bones Studio

The S&B Studio comes back this Fall to our own premises, and now to serve both younger and older practitioners. This live figure drawing course features live models in bathing suits and leotards, and will introduce high school teens to this classical and yet timeless practice, while still suiting the needs of any fellow adult practitioners.

Aii Field School 2019-2010!

Still savoring our August hike-n-sketch outing only a few weeks ago, we have slated four new artventure trips/outings between now and July 2020, and as part of our field school program for artists (Artventures International Ink, aka Aii). Two of these outings will serve teen and adult practitioners, and two will serve the whole family.

An improved Portfolio Prep Program (P3)!

P3 will now feature better communication channels between AAHP Senior Staff and parents, as well as more streamlined procedures to help with your youngster’s planning and preparations for college—whether in the arts, architecture, fashion, design, business, science or technology.

A better user experience online! 

Both the AAHP website and the online Employee Manual were fully re-designed and updated this summer, so as to enhance your user experience as student and/or as staff!

All these new efforts will unfold, as always, amidst the fun and intensive learning experiences that we are known for, and which are highly relevant to all other aspects of both everyday life, and to our longer aims in self-realization as creative beings.

See you soon at the drawing board, bench, or easel!


Ana E. Soto-Canino
Director/Chief Instructor/Chief Safety Officer

Spotlight on…

Student Achievements

Congratulations Daniel!

AAHP student Daniel L. was selected as one of the runners up in the county-wide 3rd Grade Bookmark Design Contest by Keep Middlesex Moving. Congratulations on your achievement!

Artists at Large!


The AAHP Hike-and-Sketch of August 2019

Next time we go outdoors (in October!) be sure to join us! We learn a lot, do a lot, and have a lot of fun while engaging in the artist’s practice of fieldwork.

Earlier this August, we had a blast at the Sourlands Mountain Preserve in Hillsborough, NJ. The outing served as the golden brooch to close our dynamic Summer Session 2019.

It was a beautiful blue-sky day under the trees.

Everyone contributed to a classic Potluck picnic with wonderful array of home-cooked foods: scrumptious things such as quinoa salad, Asian noodles, pasta salad, deviled eggs, diced fruit, good ol’ American Dirt Cake, chocolates, Chinese tarts and more. We spread out on blankets on the grass, and everyone mingled easy.

We followed that up with a free, how-to-and-why outdoor class on the deeply aesthetic and rewarding practice of fieldwork.

And then, to cap it off, we hiked to the natural boulder field called The Devil’s Half-Acre, where everyone found a spot to sit quietly, choose a subject or scene, and draw. Ana and Aaron coached.

A huge thanks to all who attended and made the day so gentle, creative, and beautiful!

Coming Soon! Saturday Classes at the AAHP

New Mural Course: Hit The Wall

The Academy of Art is bringing back our exciting course, “Hit the Wall.” Starting soon, we will be holding this mural painting course on Saturday afternoons. This mural course will be open to child or teen students, 9 to 18 years old, that have completed our Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Drawing syllabi.

Learn More

Introducing Skin & Bones Studio

A Studio for Live Figure and Skeletal Anatomy Studies

Adults and teens 14 and over are invited to join the Skin and Bones Studio, our new live figure and skeletal anatomy drawing workshop.

Beginners can receive full instruction while seasoned artists are welcome to explore on their own. All materials are provided.

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